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Millie Jean Gennarose

My son’s evaluation

The evaluation showed that Julian has delays in speech, social skills, and adaptive skills, and he was referred to early intervention for services. While I felt a sense of validation because I was right to follow my instinct about Julian's speech, I was shocked about the other delays.

I quickly went from feeling validated to feeling distressed.


Walking the talk: getting my son evaluated

I know it's strange that it took me this long to start this process. When parents call our resources line or family members ask about evaluating their children, I never hesitate when telling them to just do it. 

“It’s better to know than to wonder,” I say. 


PreK Fever!

If you are a parent of a 4-year old, with or without special needs, still trying to find a program to enroll your child this week, we encourage you to slow down and take a breath. We're here to help!


Fostering charity, community, and service

As the new Manager of Parent Information and Training at RCSN and as a Muslim Social Worker, I saw this exciting event not only as an opportunity to connect with my Muslim community, parents and youth in foster care, fellow volunteers from other community organizations, and ACS to have a great time; but also to share valuable information and resources.


Using my Resources at summer camp

I felt my worlds colliding. I took the knowledge, and the strength, and the love of my RCSN co-workers with me to Wee-Kan-Tu. Only so many people can say they love their job, and I am so grateful to be a part of this community.


A Warm Welcome to Eric Sweeting, RCSN’s New Director of Family Support

"I’ve always been interested in helping people have more of a voice, and young people with disabilities and their families are a very marginalized group in New York City."


Advocating for Angel—Interview with Parent Mildred Rivera

I wanted a safe environment where she would be happy. And I needed to find the right people to find the right placement...


Why I Was More of a Mess at Graduation Than I Thought I Would Be

 I had been planning for so long that I felt as though I’d already processed where he would be...


Mothers’ Day Reflections—Val

When a parent calls, I am usually the first person to answer the phones. Over the years, I have spoken with thousands of moms... 


Why I Do What I Do

Friday was a significant day for me. It was the first step towards officially settling a long time educational issue for Jack—having Assisted Technology documented as a related service on his IEP...