Gennarose Millie Alfonso


Vicky Lori Jean

In the spirit of inclusion

This weekend I was in Rhode Island to cheer on the amazing runners who completed the Providence marathon and half-marathon with Dream Far.

Dream Far pairs high school students (with and without disabilities) with mentors who spend months training together in preparation for races each spring. On the day of the race, all Dream Far runners prepare for the race, eat breakfast, and enter the race course together.

The time it takes students and their mentors to complete the race varies considerably. But, in the spirit of true inclusion, every Dream Far runner waits at the finish line until the last runner has crossed, forming a human tunnel for the final competitor to run through.

I was moved by the way months of teamwork and dedication culminated with laughter and joyous tears. 

Here at Resources we strive to create communities that include and empower all. Watching the many students and mentors of Dream Far running together was a tremendous reminder of why we do what we do.